Feminine embodiment 

Inspire and embody you’re being a woman

When women come together, there is a collective support field of consciousness in which you as a woman can heal and empower a lot.

It’s about love regularly organizes groups, workshops and circles for women who are looking for more authenticity and who want to free themselves from what impedes the quality of their lives.

What can you expect from a women's work?

During my workshops and one-on-one sessions, universal women's themes are discussed such as sexuality, spirituality, healing, intimacy, learning to receive, creating your own boundaries, learning to say "no" and "yes" and getting to know your inner truth. There is a lot of dancing, sharing, playing, working and celebrating. You learn to free yourself from shame and guilt, to relax yourself, to feed yourself and to support you emotionally

Why would you participate?


At the end of the day or a multi-day retreat you can reconnect with your body, intuition, sexual and sensual Self. During a workshop, an atmosphere is created that supports you in experiencing more self-esteem. You release yourself from negative influences from family ties. You will notice that allowing a good life and harmonious relationships becomes possible again. That you are the greatest gift in your life. Now. Free. Relax. Confident. Glad. Connected. In love. Radiant. Totally You.

Grow your sense of security by the day!

How can you increase the sense of security in yourself. The feeling of safety is the basis of your relationship with yourself, with your life and with others. Without safety in yourself it is difficult to feel what you want, what you feel and what is your truth.

Doe de oefening!

Werk aan een liefdevolle relatie met jezelf tijdens een workshop of 1 op 1 sessie.

Do you prefer to work 1 on 1? Your most important relationship is the relationship with yourself. If this is good, interactions and relationships with others and the world can come into balance. You cannot expect others to know and know (let alone fulfill!) Your deepest desires and intimate desires if you have no idea of it yourself. The 1 on 1 sessions are extremely suitable, in addition to the group work, to work on a loving relationship with yourself and your body, and to bring deep themes to the light of day. The coaching sessions and group work for women is a synthesis of body-oriented psychotherapy, various Eastern traditions, tantra, sexual de-armouring, trauma work, shamanism and a personal journey to healing. In my sessions we work with the body, breath, energy, various systemic arrangements, rituals and elements that prove to be important to use during the session. Agenda and individual sessions Work on a loving relationship with yourself during a workshop or 1 on 1 session.