Tanya Rozenthal: therapist, coach and healer

My teacher in Yogic Healing Sat Nam Rasayan, Guru Dev Singh often said: "You can only take your client as far as you have been yourself". This is very true indeed. As a coach, counselor, therapist, you cannot take your clients beyond the territory you are already familiar with. Shamanism knows the concept of the "wounded healer". It is through healing our own pain that we learn how to heal others. All this also applies to my path to supporting others in their life processes.

Because in my life I felt uprooted on several levels and I often had the feeling that I didn't belong (as a world citizen and world traveler with Russian-Jewish and German roots) I was invited by life to find deeper grounding in myself. From this arose the invitation to look for a really tangible and nourishing connection with my roots, traditions and ancestors. In the meantime, as a true world citizen, I give wonderful workshops in the Netherlands, workshops all over the world.

I see healing as an art: The search for wholeness. The way of the shaman or medicine woman who draws inspiration from the timeless richness of the universal human mind.

Mixing experiences can also be found in my professional background. I am trained in musicology and classical literature. And I have more than 15 years of experience in regular women's care as a psychosocial therapist. This provides a combination that makes working with different disciplines during my healing work feel like second nature. But it goes beyond education and work experience ... As a body-focused coach / psychotherapist, yoga teacher, musician, and healer, I was inspired at some point by several mystical, shamanic and yogic healing traditions.

Process work, sex education and intimacy coaching, trauma work, systemic work and women's coaching are areas where there is an enormous amount of power for healing. I am ultimately specialized in this and work with it in my practice in Amsterdam.

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Pelvic Heart Integration teachers training met Deborah

What I want you to know about me:

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher training, incl. White Tantra as I received it directly from Yogi Bhajan, New Mexico 2003.

  • Sat Nam Rasayan, transcendent Yogic Healing with Guru Dev Singh 1999-2004. I was a founder of the Institute for Siberian Shamanism, with the organization and facilitation of the shamanic workshops, training sessions and treks to the Altai Mountains in 1998-2001.

  • I worked with the African-American psychotherapist and Masai-shamane and organized training sessions for the care workers who work in the field of trauma and sexuality, 2003-2005.

  • I have followed several professional courses for energetic therapies, natural medicine, orthomolecular medicine and body-oriented psychotherapy (Reichian bodywork), 1998-2009.

  • In recent years I have enjoyed working with De Gewijde Reis, organization of the facilitators and trainers, in which I, together with the others, organized Ayahuasca retreats, workshops and weekends for the supervisors and participants.

  • I have followed several courses for systemic work, including compact set-ups on the table with Relatie Academie with Caroline Franssen. "Tune-in and Turn-on", female sexuality and archetypes with Ruby May, 2014.

  • Most transforming professional training Pelvic Heart Integration Teacher Training led by Deborah Taj Anapol, California, 2014-2015.

  • “Like a Pro” and advanced training for professionals - The Wheel of Concent from Betty Martin has deepened and confirmed my entire working method and my personal interactions, 2016 and 2018.

  • Shakti Training for the facilitators of the women's groups, with Marya Norell, 2016. "Trauma work for Bodyworkers" with Caffyn Jesse and Katie Sarra, from SeaSchool of Embodiment, Dawlish UK, 2017.

  • I really enjoyed this deeply working Voice Dialogue training with Wilma Luberman 2017.

  • Many received during Extraordinary training for Extraordinary Facilitators, with ten unique tantra teachers in New Orleans, including Monique Darling, Shawn Roop and Lawrence Lanoff.
    Mastery Training- when tantra meets shamanism, with tantra mama from the West Margo Anand and shaman and writer John Perkins, 2018.

  • Training for Sexological Bodyworker, with Joseph Kramer, Katie Sarra and Kian de la Cour, institute of Somatic Sexology & SeaSchool of Embodiment, Dawlish UK, 2018

  • Trauma & Spirituality Post-Doc course with Peter Levine and Marianne Bentzen, 2018 NL.

  • I follow the certification program of The School of Consent with Betty Martin, Robyn Daltzen and Matt Schwenteck, to make further beautiful work of The Wheel of Consent accessible to the broad target groups.

  • I follow the Post-Doc trajectory related to neurology, body and trauma work, - Neuro-Affective Psychology and Psychotherapy with Marianne Bentzen, 2018 -2019 NL.

What I don't want you to know about me ;-)

  • I still do my best too much and sometimes forget to enjoy what is in life.

  • I am a chaotic born and for a long time it took me a lot of trouble to make sure that I appeared on time for my appointments.

  • I know the feeling of loneliness very well.

  • I regularly doubt my "small" choices and decisions of everyday life.

  • I still learn to be a "relaxed mother" for my adult daughter.

  • I have learned that fear is an ordinary and natural part of "being human." And the key is to radically embrace my fears and uncertainties with compassion, to land deeper and softer in myself.