Bodywork Coaching

Via het lichaamsbewustzijn op zoek naar antwoorden, inzichten en integratie.

Bodywork Coaching, what is it for?

  • Do you want to effectively clear up your emotional blockages?

  • Do you have trouble putting your power and self-confidence into your daily life, as a man or as a woman?

  • Do you keep coming across the same obstructing patterns, just like your parents or other family members?

Then I invite you to explore these themes with the Bodywork Coaching.

Bodywork sessions are there to let you experience more space, confidence, freedom, pleasure and relaxation in your life. Ideally suited for when you seek support during personal change processes, life questions and during recovery after major illness or burnout.

What do the bodywork sessions look like?

During a Bodywork Coaching session I work with you on body awareness with the help of touch, breathing and energy work, de-armouring, exercises in consent, boundaries, systemic constellations, rituals and more.

If you have a specific need for support and assistance with recovering from trauma, intense experiences in the field of intimacy or impaired physical and emotional boundaries, we will look together at how and what can best be used during the Bodywork sessions to enhance your personal healing process. optimally possible.

Relationship between trauma and bodywork

Trauma is something that leaves deep marks in our minds and behaviors, but also in our bodies. It changes communication and functioning of the nervous system and brain. The latter is something that not everyone is equally well aware of.

Trauma is also stored in our body and in particular in our muscle and connective tissue. Furthermore, it also settles in our cell memory and in our DNA. Trauma can therefore be transferred to subsequent generations. So it works systemically. This means that you can not only carry personal trauma (s), but also trauma (s) from the family lines with you. This is often the case when our parents or ancestors themselves have failed to heal their traumatic experiences.

There is often much more traumatic energy in our bodies than we suspect. Body work focused on trauma release (soft de-armouring) provides a profound and permanent solution for this, regardless of how old or deep the trauma is or tucked away.

De-armouring removes physically stored blocks quickly and efficiently. The treatments even work through to the cellular and DNA level. Our mental and emotional processes therefore change almost immediately. This simply because the original traumatic experience and associated programming are cleared up at all other levels.

The thought patterns that emerged unconsciously from this will disappear.

Exercise for more life energy!

This dear-exercise works on the physical, mental and spiritual layers of being Do the exercise!

What does the armouring session look like?

Step by step we "armor" your body through massage. Certain points may feel a bit more sensitive. You may feel flowing and wonderful during or after the session. But it may also be that the old emotional pain such as anger, sadness or other emotion comes to the surface and becomes palpable. That is all welcome and may be expressed. The following days it may be that you feel more vulnerable or different.

It is also good to realize that the process of body-trauma release usually goes in steps. Normally, multiple sessions are needed for full integration and healing.

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