Pelvic Heart Integration

The way to healing and original love.

Do you want to learn how you can be in complete connection with yourself, your relationship and life, without losing yourself !? Pelvic Heart Integration (PHI) is a powerful way to investigate blockages, patterns and sources in this area.

Background Pelvic Heart Integration

PHI is a Whole Brain method, a unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, depth bodywork, energy work, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading, shamanism and tantra. The method was developed by the pioneering philosopher and bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter and I was taught by his regular colleague and co-creator Drs. Deborah Taj Anapol. This clinical psychologist is an authority in the field of transpersonal aspects of sexuality and integrity in love and relationships.

Pelvic Heart Integration, what is it about?

In daily life we are regularly guided by unconsciously adopted relationship patterns of our parents and / or caregivers. The result is that you continue your childhood strategies. Even if it no longer serves, but rather hinders authentic expression in relational and sexual sphere: our deep expression of who we are. PHI offers very powerful and direct tools to access the roots of emotions and beliefs. With these 'keys' you are able to detect and transform obstructing patterns in your energy system and in your body. Consider interfering patterns such as:

  • Not fully male or female life

  • Low self-image that gets in the way

  • Attract certain types of partners that do not make you happy

  • See yourself falling back in the same patterns as your mother / father had.

  • Creating intimacy in your life is difficult

  • Experiencing an obstacle in sexuality or in part of it.

  • Traumatic experiences, from your childhood or later

  • Being too strict for yourself and experiencing little joy in life.

  • It is not possible to build up a loving relationship with yourself.

  • Which questions can you ask?

  • You cannot fully be yourself in one or more areas of life.

  • Realizing your potential is difficult.

  • Specifying limits is a tricky thing.

  • Something is stopping you from getting more out of your life and relationships.

  • Your relationships are regularly unhealthy or destructive.

  • Despite a great desire for more emotional depth and intimacy with your love partner, you feel impeded in this.

  • You unknowingly realize your dream of "being completely yourself".

  • The question "how free you can be yourself in your relationships and sexuality" plays with you and you want to investigate.

  • It is not possible to break certain (unintended) relationship patterns.


A gift from me to you:

A Free 30-minute introduction to Skype Session


During the workshops and individual sessions (or as a couple) you are invited to explore, experience and embrace these questions in a safe setting to feel more free and to be more yourself. Deep insights, educational, healing experiences and direct changes in the relationship with yourself, your life and love relationships.

What can you expect during a 1 on 1 session?

During a 1 on 1 session we slowly tune into your body. We discover and explore: What lives in you? What do you come across, do you experience in your body? We work with your pelvic area. Your beliefs and patterns also receive attention. Male and female principles can be addressed through the InnerMarriage model. You often get an insight into what lived in the relationship of your parents, and how this still influences you. At home you can take the special transformational breathing that you learn to practice during the session, which starts your natural energy flow again. Very nice for your body and your love life!


Pelvic Heart Integration Immersions are experienced as a deep healing journey, in which participants support each other in processes under the guidance of a PHI facilitator. You receive guidance in discovering, experiencing and transforming "the hidden truth" your deeper pieces, and therefore yourself. After the workshop you will experience more that you live from your authenticity. An example: participation in Pelvic Heart Immersion five-day sexual integration retreat is equivalent to 6-7 individual sessions, about half of the sessions within the possible trajectory.

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Sessions: Individual, couples and groups

Do you want to learn how you can make a full connection with your partner without losing yourself?