Sexological coaching, education and bodywork

As a Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sexologist coach I am firmly convinced that sexual health, erotic education and the freedom to express yourself sexually are part of our fundamental human rights.

I believe in the potential of conscious healthy sexuality as the basis for our enjoyment of life, our authenticity, self-esteem and manifestation power. I believe it is essential for human happiness and completeness, to have the freedom from here to Be who we are in essence: natural, sexual beings.

This provides us with learning to find and receive joy in our bodies and lives beyond shame. And that a safe learning space is available for feeling, deepening and researching.

Sexological bodywork (somatic sexology, sexological bodywork) supports you in a safe clear setting to investigate, understand and find new ways to relate, with your own body, with yourself and in your relationships.

In addition, it helps you to free yourself from shame and limiting beliefs, to land in your body in all gentleness, to develop and deepen your autonomy and authenticity in the relationship with yourself and others.

Sexological Bodywork ™ works from the latest developments in Tao's neurology, psychotherapy, body-oriented somatic sciences and energy principles. As a sexological body worker I work in a setting of one-on-one sessions with women, couples and (mixed) groups.

In the process we can focus on areas such as holistic health of the pelvis and genitals, scar tissue treatment, recovery after surgery, intimacy coaching, sex education such as Orgasmic Yoga self-love coaching, modalities based on trauma work and much more.

A gift from me to you:

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Why choose sexological bodywork?

  • I feel impeded in my intimacy and in my body

  • I want to be more present in my body

  • I suffer from uncertainty and shame

  • I want to learn how to relax, soften, and handle stress better

  • I experience pain or feel little during intercourse

  • I want to learn to guard my limits and say 'no'

  • I have scar tissue in my pelvic area postpartum problems; physically, mentally and emotionally. This includes fatigue, exhaustion, pains, the feeling of failure, powerlessness, the feeling of insecurity in the body, emotional instability recovery after caesarean section (from 3 months after delivery)

  • I don't feel like having sex,

  • I don't feel much

  • I don't feel feminine enough

  • I have a hard time experiencing orgasms

  • I want to be more powerful in life

  • I want to learn something about my body and my genitals

  • I want to learn to relate authentically

  • I want to learn to express my desires and needs

  • I want to be seen, heard or felt

How do I proceed?

During the intake interview (via Skype or live), your questions will be discussed. We also go through what options and methods match your question. After the intake, it becomes clear whether sexological bodywork and coaching is the right approach for you.

What does the session look like?

  • a conversation in which the goals and intentions are determined

  • sexological bodywork consisting of multiple exercises and structures

  • completion and integration. Discussion of the session and the experiences, insights, exercises and tools to continue this at home.

What can happen during a session?

  • education in the field of intimacy, body awareness, relationship coaching for adults

  • body work to detect old obstructing patterns in the nervous system and replace them with new, healthy patterns

  • authentic relationship, touch and communication

  • somatic work with breath, movement, sound

  • physical & emotional trauma release

  • harmonize or activate life energy

  • learn to feel and communicate boundaries and desires

  • increase body awareness

Professional ethics in Sexological bodywork:

  • I am not here to fix you, but to support you and mirror you in your own process and research.

  • As a somatic sexologist and intimacy coach I help you on your way to a healthy integration of your sexuality, your relationship with yourself and control over your choices, boundaries and wishes.

  • Your autonomy is paramount.

  • Each session starts with examining the goals and intentions for the session.

  • Sessions are client-oriented. You decide how, what and why.

  • All contact is only made with the consent (explicit verbal consent) of the client.

  • There is no sexual interaction between the client and the counselor.

  • As an intimacy coach I work with "one-way-touch".

  • I always stay dressed.

  • I work in an educational, compassionate setting outside the dynamics of flirting or "like each other".

  • I guard my and your limits with my body and life.

  • People from 21 years are welcome

  • People with physical limitations are welcome (practice on the first floor)

  • I work with women and with couples and groups of all sexual orientations, gender identities, characteristics and expressions