Sit down with your partner or with your friend. Ask 2 questions in the form of a sacrifice. You do this in turn, in random order.

Quotation question 1: How would you like me to touch you for 3 minutes? (For example, scratch my back, kiss my neck, hold me, etc.) As soon as your partner feels comfortable, he / she gives you the touch he / she gave as an answer. Receive the whole of him hair. It's about being able to receive. Enjoy, it's for your pleasure! Then you move on to the next question.

Quotation question 2: How would you like to touch me for 3 minutes? (For example, may I stroke your arms, stroke your back, play with your hair, etc.) If you feel comfortable with your partner's proposal, you allow his touch. But beware: now he gives the touch for his / her pleasure. The emphasis is precisely on giving to your partner. Switch roles now. Do this exercise a few times. Just as often until you can clearly feel that you can easily receive something and ask for yourself.

Important: It is about Giving (gift to the other) and Receiving (exactly what you ask for). Or Take (want to touch for your own pleasure) and Allow (give to the other).

Pitfalls: You do not offer anything just to give something, such as a massage. You ask if you can touch for your own pleasure, and not for the other.

Rules: You can always negotiate if necessary. Never give more than you are comfortable to give. Receive what you asked for, no more and no less. Or do not allow more than what you are comfortable with.

P.S. You can play 3 minutes of game several times, and build deeper experience with it. In asking what you want and in receiving. In taking care of your limits