This Taoist technique is a great way to develop a more open and loving attitude to your body and sexuality.

A deer in nature constantly stimulates her sex glands by contracting and relaxing the anal muscles and moving her tail from left to right.

Benefits of regularly performing the Deer Exercise: Strengthens digestion. Supports detoxification. For women, this exercise also stimulates vaginal muscles and blood circulation to the pelvis. The latter can help prevent and cure menstrual disorders, infections and vaginitis. It rejuvenates and refreshes the prostate. Increases potency and fertility reduces premature ejaculation (in men).

The exercise

Sit in a comfortable position and tighten the muscles around your anus as hard as you can, then hold the muscles for as long as you can. Women must also tighten their vaginal muscles. Continue without forcing anything until you are tired. Take a break and repeat. You may find that you can only last a few seconds in the beginning. Over time, your stamina will grow. If done correctly, it feels like the energy is being sucked into the anus, like a warm stream, a pleasant, energetic feeling from the anus to the crown, up the spine. Lots of fun!