”From love everything that exists has appeared, through love everything that does not exist appears as existing.”
— Shabistari


Pelvic Heart Immersion

19-23 november 2019, Gelderland NL


It's About Love offers coaching and training (in Dutch and English) for more love, intimacy and empowerment in your life - with yourself, in your relationships and with Life itself. You can participate in Pelvic Heart Integration - Integration of healthy sexuality through retreats and one-to-one sessions, Somatic sexological counseling, bodywork and intimacy coaching, feminine healing and transformative rituals.

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My Sessions & Workshops

Explore your path of love

Welcome to my sessions, workshops and intensives that support you in your love life, in which your body, heart and soul receive space and attention.

If you are looking for wholeness and integration in the field of love, intimacy, sexual health, relationships and inner leadership, then About About offers you a beautiful journey through Pelvic Heart Integration, somatic sexological counseling, coaching, women's work, bodywork and transformative rituals ..

The invitation in all sessions and workshops is to let you experience a life in which your body, heart and soul are connected. You work with your natural ability to live as a vital, loving, creative and sexual person. The sessions and workshops support you in your path to more integration, completeness, freedom and happiness.

Both in the individual sessions and in the workshops you are invited to connect with everyday life from a deeper existential Being. We are not just going to talk, but experience it.

As the poet Wordsworth says: Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart. We work with your unique roots, vulnerability, love relationships and life itself.

It's About Love workshops, intensives, bodywork and coaching are about coming home to your nature and to your love essence as a person.

pelvic heart integration

Pelvic Heart Integration offers very powerful and direct tools to access the roots of deep-lying patterns in your love life. For example in dealing with your own sexuality, self-image, body and relationships. With these 'keys' you are able to detect obstructive patterns in your consciousness and in your body. Working with Pelvic Heart Integration gives you direct experience and a sense of freedom, your birthright to be authentic. It opens new avenues for a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

sexologicAL bodywork

Sexological bodywork (somatic sexology, sexological bodywork) supports you in a safe, clear setting to investigate your questions about intimacy, sexuality and pleasure and to find new ways to relate to your own body and your sexuality.

In addition, it supports you to free yourself from shame and limiting beliefs, to land in your body in all gentleness, to develop and deepen your autonomy and authenticity in the relationship with yourself and others.

Sexological Bodywork ™ works from the latest developments in Tao's neurology, psychotherapy, body-oriented somatic sciences and energy principles.

bodywork coaching

During a Bodywork Coaching session you discover the sources within yourself that can give you more direction, insights and integration. I guide you with the help of touch, breathing and energy work, trauma release, de-armouring, exercises in consent and limits, systemic constellations, rituals and more. For more clarity in life, do you need a one-off APK Bodywork healing-reading session? That is also possible.

feminine embodiment

Body-oriented counseling, intimacy coaching, feminine healing and empowerment and the Pelvic Health sessions for women are a synthesis of healing, honoring and empowering everything that wants to find expression in you and your body. Can you be yourself as a woman? What stands in your way to be able to live your desires in full? How do you live being a woman in your love life? How do you take care of your emotional limits and self-esteem?

Through body-oriented psychotherapy, various Eastern body-oriented traditions, feminine embodiment, pelvic release & integration, I guide you in your personal journey to healing. Here we work integrally with methods focused on the body, breath, energy and systemic work (healing the lineage, detecting and transforming limiting patterns from your family), which, especially in their mutual cohesion, prove to be powerful and effective.

Working with medicine plants

A healing travel ritual, rite or passages or a ceremony with medicine plants is best suited for people who have already undergone the necessary personal development.

People who are willing to face both their own light and shadow sides. People who feel that they carry something in their system that prevents them from living fully. Where they "can't access", but experience problems.

As a ritualist, I work with medicinal plants to bring to light deep-rooted and persistent traumas and hidden obstructive patterns in family, women's and men's lines, and to transform and integrate them. For more information you can email me: trozenthal@gmail.com