Pelvic Heart Integration

The way to healing and original love

Background Pelvic Heart Integration

Pelvic Heart Integration is a unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, somatic release bodywork, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and Tantra for understanding and harmonizing the whole person particularly in the areas of relationship, love and sexuality. This system was developed by Dr. Jack Painter and continued by Dr. Deborah Anapol. It has been called “the most potent integration tool for sexual harmony” by highly experienced sexuality trainers and workshop leaders.

The Pelvic Heart Integration system increases our awareness and gives us tools for healing developmental issues of childhood to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving humans including those beliefs and patterns from our ancestral lineage.

London event: 27.05.19 Pelvic Heart Integration, rewriting the script of Love

10:30-15:00, House of Togetherness

Pelvic Heart Integration, what is it about?

In this workshop we will discover how our characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, and body armour block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. We use breath, movement and mindful touch to feel the unity of love and satisfaction. Psychodrama, imagery and role plays are helping us to explore the sexual and heart energy from our ancestors and our inner triangle (father, mother, child) which becomes a template for future relationships. Experiencing the spiritual presence of our ancestors is powerful and helps us to heal old wounds carried through generations. Pelvic- Heart Integration is helpful and supportive in creating a new wave of consciousness in all of us. 

Pelvic-Heart Integration explores the unconscious emotional body armour and breathing patterns, as well as habitual protection and defence mechanisms that were learned in our inner triangle. This of course influences your emotional patterns and behaviours in your present relationships. Role playing, imagination, body talk, hands-on techniques, self-expression and movement, as well as group exercises and exchanges guide you in this process. We will also work with our ancestors and allow their spiritual force to support you in bringing old wounding patterns into a place of healing. New pulsating vibrancy, a flow of creativity and freedom and a greater Bodymind consciousness can be the result of this pelvic-heart integration process.

Parental Triangle work: celebrating the supportive core messages.

Parental Triangle work: celebrating the supportive core messages.


A gift from me to you:

A free 30 min. Skype Session

Pelvic Heart Immersion- Five days transformational experience for body, brain and soul.

These workshops include all the key concepts in the process of integrating heart & sex. They include working with the four-part breath cycle,  the experience of Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine, and the use of intimate bodywork .  No previous experience of this kind of work is required,  though familiarity with the principles of neo-Reichian bodywork, Gestalt therapy and the modern western approach to Tantra are all helpful.

These workshops are challenging, and I will need to have an initial chat with you, and perhaps offer you a preliminary session in order to ascertain whether this is the right workshop for you at this time.

Pelvic Heart Integration: Healing the wounds between feminine and masculine, ancestral lineage repair.

Pelvic Heart Integration: Healing the wounds between feminine and masculine, ancestral lineage repair.

Deborah Anapol & Pelvic Heart Integration

“Deep integration, profound core healing of what comes to the surface of being in relationship, about love, staying in your own truth, [and] meeting the partner again in the healing space..”  

Deborah Taj Anapol was a first class  clinical psychologist, therapist, and tantra teacher, whose whole life and work celebrated human sexuality as a path to greater wholeness.  She was the passionately committed author of Love without Limits, and a close colleague of Jack Painter, whose most famous work was the creation of the body-based psychotherapeutic techniques of Postural Integration, but who also developed, as an offshoot of that work,  Pelvic Heart Integration, which he never published, but for which he gave sessions with Deborah Anapol for the last 10 years.

I first met Deborah at a Pelvic Heart Integration in 2014, a few years after Painter’s death, when she was looking for potential students and practitioners of this process to carry on her work in PHI. It was my privilege that Deborah became  my teacher and mentor, until her death. There are a few teachers accomplished her first and only teacher training course. It was her explicit wish that we should continue to teach her work together, and share with others this powerful tool for personal transformation.

Pelvic Heart Integration TeacherTraining with Deborah Taj Anapol, California 2015

Pelvic Heart Integration TeacherTraining with Deborah Taj Anapol, California 2015

Pelvic Heart work offers a unique combination of tools to support those who wish to move beyond their conditioning into greater authenticity around gender, sexuality and relationship. This work opens the whole body to greater sexual flow, releases energetic blockages, and connects heart, the seat of our deepest longings, with pelvis, the energetic centre of our sexual drive and lust for life. As taught by Deborah Anapol, the work also offers a unique way to free  blocks inherited from the ancestral line, and to allow us to  contact strength and support from that line, unencumbered by the wounds of the past.

This work connects very closely with my other work with It’s About Love. For only when heart and pelvis allow us to live in harmony with ourselves can we step outside ourselves to celebrate the dance between self and other which is explored in my other workshops (whether in pursuit of the Sexual Shamanism, Erotic Empowerment & EcoSexuality to celebrate the dance between man and nature, or in pursuit of  the Tantric quest, to celebrate the dance between self and other as male and female, form and energy).

Currently, I am offering one or two 5-day PHI workshops a year.

These are “The truth your body knows”, “Integrating Sex, Heart & Spirit” and “Roots of Love: Ancestral Medicineworkshops. These take place in Netherland in beautiful venues surrounded by nature. I also offera variety of Individual Sessions, tailored to my clients’ particular needs (including sessions for couples).  These sessions normally take place in Amsterdam.