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Ancestral medicine: Healing your erotic lineage

Ancestral medicine: Healing your erotic lineage

Break free from unwanted legacies, release old patterns, and reignite your source of Love we all carry in our DNA:  the freedom, joy and abundance of Love and Trust by connecting with the wise ancestral guides in your bloodlines.

This shamanic journey and ritualistic healing work will help you to heal your heritage, and open the door for you (and your family) to live more purposeful lives, full of Love and passion.

Ancestral medicine is a deeply transformative approach to healing hidden obstacles and unwanted patterns. Everyone has loving and wise ancestors, and by reaching out for their help you can access guidance and support for your personal (and family) healing.

Connecting with the supportive ancestral guides in your lineage could be the first step in helping you break free from limiting legacies that no longer serve you — and finding the peace, connection, Love and belonging you desire.

This ancient healing practice from the very old (more then 10.000 years) african IFA/Orisha’s tradition helps you connect and partner with ancestors in your bloodline who are wise and well to help heal the limited believes and the wounds of love.

During this journey you will clear the way for you and your living family to break free of past, to live passionately and purposefully, and to fully embrace your Erotic blessings.

No matter how difficult members of your ancestral lineages may be, there are always wise and tranquil ancestors among the dead who can help you heal the turbulence in your bloodline.

You’ll then embark on a profound journey designed to help you do the work of ancestral healing - from cultivating a direct relationship with your wise ancestral guides to better understanding the burdens and blessings of your bloodlines.

You’ll also explore how to use your intuition, dreams, and synchronicities to navigate spontaneous ancestral contact, as well as the important practice of keeping your body and personal space free from unhelpful ancestral interference.

In Ancestral  medicine, Healing your erotic lineage Tanya  will guide you in accessing the condition of your primary bloodlines and their impact.

IFA tradition’s sacred approach to this practice includes the setting of thoughtful intentions and protective energetic boundaries, and also takes into consideration those who may feel uncomfortable with the focus on blood lineage ancestors.

Ancestral lineage healing can be a deeply transformational practice, opening you to healing you may have been unable to generate through any other healing practice. In this journey, you will be held in a safe and protected space.


With the Tanya’s guidance and the support of the Tribe, you’ll discover how to enter these territories gently, with kindness and compassion.


During this heart-opening and highly repairative experience, you’ll also discover:


·       Learn the basics of an Earth-honoring/animism approach to life that includes reverence and rituals for our ancestors

·       The importance of “energetic hygiene” and maintaining clear boundaries with the troubled

·       How to ask your ancestral guides to surround your lineage in healing prayer and respectful containment

·       How to make commitments to your ancestors to personally embody and restore lineage blessings of Love

·       How to reframe family dysfunction through the lens of ancestral wounding and healing

·       Explore common cross-cultural views on the relationship between the living and dead

·       Explore ways to navigate spontaneous ancestral contact through dreams and synchronicities

·       Ways to incorporate ancestor reverence and ritual into your everyday life’s gifts and blessings

·       Set intentions in ritual space with your ancestors for the healing and reconnecting work ahead

And more...

The workshop will be held within a gender-inclusive context and is trauma-informed and consent based.

This shamanic healing ritual work is body-positive, kind, and dedicated to your deepest wellness. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of your own resourcefulness, gifts and magic.

Facilitator: Tanya Rozenthal (Netherlands)
Tanya loves to share her gifts as space holder and facilitator of deep process work, with wisdom and humour. She brings a rich fusion of experience in Sacred Eros, shamanism, trauma-informed somatic sexology, Kundalini Awakening, tantra, shadow work and embodiment practices, working with both individuals and groups.
Tanya has background in transpersonal psychology, musicology, literature, eastern mysticism and various BodyMind psychotherapeutic modalities.
Tanya is surfing the waves of consciousness in the sea of transformation for about 20 years, devoted to her own individual heart expanding journey. She is grounded, creative and committed to authentic human expression